For several years, I’ve been dreaming of a simple and fast online tool to help me find the best performing Singapore REITs to buy.

In April 2017, YieldSavvy quietly came online to make life easier for me to shortlist strong Singapore REITs instantly.

  • Before creating the YieldSavvy REITs screener, I had to spend so much time and effort to visit different places to look for REITs info for analysis. With YieldSavvy, I have gathered all the important REITs info under-one-roof.
  • Hope this little tool I created can help other Singapore REITs investors like you identify and shortlist best performing Singapore REITs to buy.
  • If YieldSavvy has helped you in some way, please share it with others to make their life a little easier too.

To over a thousand Singapore REITs investors using YieldSavvy regularly, thank you for being part of YieldSavvy’s life.


Honoured to be invited by SGX as one of the panelists to share my views on technical analysis with investors/traders in SGX auditorium.


Thankful to Singapore Press Holding’s ShareInvestor for sponsoring free tickets to REITs Symposium 2018 for 50 YieldSavvy members, and also featuring YieldSavvy as a media partner.


Thankful to REITs Asia Pacific 2018 for featuring YieldSavvy as a media partner.


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